My B.C. Bucket List


‘May Long’ has always been the unofficial start of summer in Canada, even though it’s a month short of real summer. And it typically doesn’t feel like real summer either – it almost always pours rain, and I almost always go camping anyway. So my May Long memories usually involve hovering under a tarp and wondering why the hell I haven’t learned my lesson. And then the next year I do it again.

This winter in Vancouver has been dire, and before that we had a ridiculously rainy autumn. So we’ve earned this summer – and I sure as hell am going to make the most of it.

Here’s what I plan to do with these glorious months in Vancouver and environs:

  • Jump off a cliff. A high one. (Maybe the one girlfriend jumped off on No Tomorrow? Note to self: find out what cliff jumped off on No Tomorrow)
  • Visit the following Gulf Islands (or as many as possible): Salt Spring, Galiano, Saturna, Mayne, Gabriola, Hornby, Thetis, Denman, Texada, Lasqueti, Penelakut, Prevost, Valdes, Mudge, De Courcy, Snake (okay, maybe not that last one?)
  • Go skinny dipping (it’s been way too long!)
  • Rope swing – as many as possible (but that’s just #lifegoals for me)
  • Overnight hikes: Widgeon Lake, Statlu Lake & Elfin Lakes
  • Kayak the Broken Islands (this one is on my 36 by 36 list, and I’m quickly running out of pre-36 summers)
  • Cycle the Kettle Valley Railway (ditto, 36 by 36)

That’ll probably do for this summer. There’s a thousand other things I would love to do this summer – do the Indian Arm kayaking trip again, do Garibaldi Lake, rent a scooter on Bowen Island etc. etc. etc. – but summer’s also supposed to be the season of chill, n’est pas? Hopefully not in terms of weather…

Top image of me from May Long Weekend 2015 at Cat Lake, when we lucked out and got an afternoon of sun. Heading back this week; fingers crossed the weekend looks more like the above and less like hovering under tarps in the rain.
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