Winter Reading

I try to read for an hour every day. Easier some days than others — beach days, days at my folks’ house, and rainy winter days. In Vancouver, we get a lot of those. Now that winter has settled in, I’ve accumulated a stack of books to work through over these next cold, dark, damp months. Here’s what’s on my ‘bedside table’ at the moment (note: my apartment is too small for a bedside table. My beside table is a windowsill next to my bed):


  1. Purity, Jonathan Franzen’s latest. I love Franzen’s books a lot. The Corrections is still the one to beat for me, but so far Purity is a contender for my favourite Franzen. The protagonists I’ve ‘met’ so far — Pip, Andreas, Leila — are so real to me I wouldn’t be surprised to meet them on the street. Read this book, in spite of its ugly cover.
  2. Fates and Furies – a marriage from his and hers perspectives. I’ve only read the first chapter of this one, while visiting my cousin last weekend, but I loved it. This book is getting a lot of buzz.
  3. I love Sloane Crosley’s hilarious, smart essays, and now she’s written a novel. Can’t wait to read The Clasp.
  4. I bought this one for my new book club. Unlike my last book club, VinLit, which as co-ed, my new book club is ladies only. Which means we get to read books like Roxane Gay’s collection of essays, Bad Feminist. I love a good essay.
  5. ‘Creative Living Beyond Fear’ seemed like a good topic for a girl who’s just left her stable job to write. This one’s on deck.
  6. And one more novel, Did You Ever Have A Family, which follows a bunch of people whose lives are affected by a tragic fire.

What are you planning to read this winter?

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