My Favourite Festive Films: Part Two

Best Christmas Movies

Alright! Yesterday I posted the first eight of my sixteen favourite Christmas movies. Here are the rest, including a few that aren’t traditionally considered Christmas movies… Favourite Christmas movies9. Miracle on 34th Street. I went back and forth on whether I should include the original or the modern version. It came down to Natalie Wood vs. that slightly annoying girl from Mrs. Doubtfire, so I landed on the original. I do love Richard Attenborough as Santa, though, and there’s a scene during the trial in which NYC shows its support for/belief in Santa while an Aretha Franklin (I believe) song plays, and it gets me every time. So I’m going to advise that you just watch them both. 10. A Christmas StoryI’m shocked every year at how many people still haven’t seen this hilarious little gem. Little Ralphie only wants one thing for Christmas: a Red Ryder Range Shot 200 BB gun. Leading up to the big day, though, all signs are pointing to him being disappointed. Meantime, there’s heaps of other funny things happening. Like the leg lamp. 11. Mixed NutsThis, like Scrooged, is a bit of a departure from the other, warm-and-fuzzy movies on this list. The film follows the staff of a crisis line on Christmas Eve – not surprisingly a time of crisis for a great number of people. Steve Martin, Adam Sandler, Rita Wilson, Juliette Lewis…and, most importantly, Nora Ephron, who wrote and directed. 12. Home AloneAll the boobie-traps and other hijinks aside, this is at its heart a very touching Christmas movie. The mum moving heaven and earth to get home to her boy (and encountering the very sweet John Candy on the way). And the old man with the shovel. The subplot involving him and his estranged family makes me teary just thinking about it. And now, the slightly less orthodox and much more girly…

Favourite Christmas movies 13. Sleepless in SeattleIt’s true, the iconic ending of this movie takes place on Valentine’s Day, but it starts at Christmas, when young Jonah calls a Dr. Laura-type radio host and asks for a new mum. It’s just got a bit of Christmas magic, this one, even if all the twinkling lights are gone by thirty minutes in. 14. While You Were Sleeping. I’ve always loved this one. Though it is a romantic comedy, it’s (almost) as much about family as it is romantic love, and the Christmas and New Year’s scenes are all kinds of warm and fuzzy. 15. Bridget Jones’s Diary. I watch this every Christmas. The movie is bookended by Christmas/New Year’s and holiday ‘jumpers.’ It culminates in a kissing-in-the-snow (with no pants on) scene, which is about as Christmassy as it gets, am I right? 16. You’ve Got MailMore Meg, more Tom, more Nora Ephron. This one is probably the least Christmassy of the lot, but for some reason it feels festive to me. Maybe cause of Meg’s quaint little book shop. This one is very closely based on The Shop Around the Corner, which is even more festive. So…what do you think? Have I missed anything important? Are there any movies that you always, always, always watch at this time of year? Tell me, please! Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!

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