One year on.

Seriously. Time flies. Last week marked one year since my return from Australia. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I left that place–and those people–that I grew to love so deeply.

I’m not going to lie. It’s been a tough year. There’s barely been a week gone by that I haven’t questioned why I came back to Canada in the first place. On many occasions–and as recently as last month–I have seriously considered moving back. I’ve looked at visas, jobs, flights. But I haven’t gone.

And these past couple of weeks, I’ve reminded why I decided to come back to Canada. Family. There have been so many times that this reason hasn’t seemed to hold water–if my family loves me, don’t they want me to be happy, even if that means my living far, far away? But then…my grandpa died the other week. And though being available to attend–and speak at–his funeral isn’t in and of itself a good enough reason to stay, the family stuff that rises to the surface when you lose someone you love is. That is, the reason family is important–and why being part of their lives on a more-than-once-every-other-year basis matters–is suddenly crystal clear.

And so I will not move back to Melbourne, even on days when I really, really, really want to book a ticket and go. I will have to settle for a visit–hopefully soon–and a look back at those wonderful years down under.

And now, a random assortment of my photos from Australia.

Federation Square Cricket players, Fitzroy Surfer, Bell's Beach Australia2012-11-18 14.44.19 Wilson's Promontory, AustraliaMe and my mum, Great Ocean Road, Australia Wilson's Prom, Australia Me and a koala, Great Ocean Road, Australia Twelve Apostles, Australia Melbourne Melbourne Great Ocean Road Great OCean Road, AustraliaCottlesloe Beach, Perth

Flinders Station, Melbourne Australia

From top: The flag of my adopted home | Federation Square, Melbourne | Cricket players, Fitzroy (Melbourne) | Surfer, Bells Beach | Bondi Icebergs, Sydney | Wilson’s Promontory | Me & my mum, Great Ocean Road | Wilson’s Promontory | Me & a koala, Great Ocean Road | Great Ocean Road | Melbourne | Melbourne | Great Ocean Road | Great Ocean Road | Perth | Flinders Station, Melbourne

Want more Australia? Don’t we all.

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